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The Maronite Saints

Saint Maron (410 AD)
Around 350 AD, Maron “the little lord” was born in Cyrrhus, a small town near Antioch. When he grew up, Maron heard God’s call for holiness and perfection. His heart was burning within him.
Saint Charbel
In the highest village of the Middle East, North Lebanon, in Bekaa Kafra (1560 meters above sea level), Saint Sharbel was born in a Maronite Catholic family, in the year 1828.
Sharbel is the religious name that Youssef Antoun Makhloof chose for himself later when he joined the Lebanese Maronite Religious Order. Sharbel, which means in Aramaic “God’s story”, is the name of a Lebanese Christian martyr from the second century A.D.
Saint Rafqua - Lebanese Maronite Nun (1832-1914)
St. Rafqa was born in Himlaya, one of the villages of northern Metn, on June 29, 1832. She was the only child to her parents Mourad Saber el-Chobok el-Rayess and Rafqa Gemayel.
On July 7, 1832 she was baptized and christened Boutroussieh. Her parents taught her the love of God and daily praying.
Saint Nimatullah Kassab Al-Hardini a Lebanese monk
Youssef Kessab was born in Hardine, in North Lebanon, in the year 1808, from a devout Maronite Catholic family, Gergis Kessab and Mariam Raad. As a youngster he attended the school of the monastery of the Maronite Lebanese Order of Saint Anthony, in Houb (1816-1822).
Father Yacoub Alkbouche
On the occasion of the Declaration of e Mukarram Father Yacoub Alkbouche in the current June 22 in Beirut, for the first time outside the Vatican, the Director General of the Sisters of Notre Cross Mother Mary Makhlouf press conference at the tomb in the monastery Mukarram Cross - Baknaya announced during the celebrations Alttaiwib.. Beginning, the Director of the Catholic Media Center, Father Abdo Abu Kasm word.
Brother Estephan Nehme
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Born Joseph, son of Estephan Nehme and Christina El Badawi Hanna Khaled from Lehfed Jbeil. One of six children and the youngest of four boys: Sarkis, Nimatullah, Haykal and Joseph, and the girls Toufica and Froussina. He was born in March, 1889.
Massabki Brothers
Towards the end of the XIII century, there lived in Damascus a married Maronite priest named Ya’qoub. This priest lived with his family in “Masback el barrani,” a quarter of Damascus. The Damascans, who highly respected this “zealous and honorable” priest, gave his descendants the last name of “Massabki,” for the name of the quarter in which he lived.
Saint Anthony the Great
was Born in 251, at Coma in Upper Egypt, Anthony was the only son of his wealthy Christian parents. Because of the pagan influence in the city, he was educated at home. A short time before his twentieth birthday, his parents died, and Anthony inherited their large estate, their money, and the responsibility of caring for his young sister. One day while he was in church, about six months after the death of his parents, he heard the words of Christ spoke to the rich young man: "If thou wilt be perfect, go, sell what you hast, and give to the poor, and thou shalt have treasure in heaven; and cone, follow me" (Matt. 19:21) Anthony took this command literally, and gave the greater part of his land to his neighbors.