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Father Yacoub Alkbouche
On the occasion of the Declaration of e Mukarram Father Yacoub Alkbouche in the current June 22 in Beirut, for the first time outside the Vatican, the Director General of the Sisters of Notre Cross Mother Mary Makhlouf press conference at the tomb in the monastery Mukarram Cross - Baknaya announced during the celebrations Alttaiwib.. Beginning, the Director of the Catholic Media Center, Father Abdo Abu Kasm word.
Then spoke Makhlouf said: We are with you today in the presence of Father Yacoub Alkbouche Mourning, who was expelled from his heart all that is not deserving of God Holiness.. We talk with you about your e Fellow in the press, founded year 1913 monthly magazine called "family friend", which dealt with church and home affairs and family, as well as stories of spiritual and historical lessons and bus moralizing. We hope that all his colleagues in Holiness.
?. Father Yacoub Pttaiwib celebration at home recuperating Lebanon, possibly between smaller and larger nations to embrace the cultures and religions, is to pay tribute thanked God. For the first time witnessed the great celebration of our unique outside the Vatican Lebanon is the father Yacoub, which includes sects and doctrines in uniform march Counselor, a second century of this June, the date determined by the church to lift the University of massacres Father Yacoub churches utopian homeland.
Divine Providence wants to meet you and have remained on Lebanon and its people stage anxiety and fear for the future and fate, I am confident that this new phase that promises peace is a blessing given us new Utopian Lebanon, so it would mark the e-cutting event for the Lebanese from various sects after the end of the remoteness of the squares In downtown Beirut, the culmination of a national unity among all the officials, under the fold of the beginning era of His Excellency President Gen. Michel Suleiman, who emphasized the importance of reconciliation and compromise.the father spent his life carrying a pen to write the right thought the supply of love and sacrifice and are a factor in the fields of the Lord. Committed to love their homeland and near, as committed to love God and devoted to its service.What papers Almtalim mother saw them live image of Christ on the Cross, and Shamar for up to be included in the profundities of its institutions: Cross Hospital for psychiatric and psychological (1930), Deir Al-Qamar Hospital for girls with disabilities (1933), Albert Lady Monastery - home to receive spiritual conferences and Mathematics (1941 ), Ms. Hospital for Chronic Diseases (1946), St. Joseph Hospital - Medical Center Raymond and Aida carpenter (1949), Dar priest of Christ the King and the patient is unable (1950), Brummana school for girls orphaned and social situations (1950), School Fall Mini Jack (1919) And other institutions created after his death in Lebanon and the country's proliferation.
The following is the programme of celebrations:
Media Day in the footsteps of father YaKoub Saturday June 14.
The General Thursday June 19 from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm for the various photographers in the media who wish to portray Ya parental father's house in his hometown of Ghazir, as well as his and the museum reserved for him in the monastery of the Cross, Deeb.
Alttaiwib in Martyrs Square - Beirut.10:00 am Sunday June 22.
Celebrated: Cardinal Jose Paulo Martins President of the Academy of lawsuits Saints, with the Cardinal Mar Nasrallah Boutros Sfeir, Patriarch of Antioch and all the Orient.
The President then talked to General Order brotherhood Asagr Alkpohien in the Near East, Father livelihoods stages of a lawsuit e Father Yacoub Alkbouche (1875 - 1954)
Biography of his life.
Founder of the Sisters of the Cross Society Father Yacoub Alkbouche will be in a mass ceremony for the first time outside the Vatican, the tenth before noon Sunday, June 22 at the Martyrs Square, headed by President of the Academy of lawsuits Saints, Cardinal Jose Paulo Martins represented Pope Penidictos XVI, and with the Maronite Patriarch Cardinal Mar Nasrallah Boutros Sfeir. And chanting the church bells at noon in all of Lebanon.
And continue preparations for a ceremony mourning e Father Yacoub Alkbouche in all institutions established by the Society of the Sisters of the Cross and Don Asagr Alkpohien fraternity to which I belong.
In this context, the regions and municipalities in Lebanese villages and towns, notably in Ghazir, Deeb, Deir Al-Qamar, Zahleh, the lifting of Lebanese flags, flags and pictures of the papal Mukarram Father Yacoub, and banners bearing sayings, which calls the Lebanese to participate in this event which is being built for the first time outside Vatican, for the first time in Lebanon.
Under the banner "Sainthood dawning on our mountains" salutes the congregation Lady of the Mount in Deir Al-Qamar e Ya Alkbouche father, who lifted a great cross to the highest peaks and founded monasteries of the Assembly of the Sisters of the Cross includes three hundred nuns, a girl with special needs, in a series of activities:
-- Saturday, June 21 (night Alttaiwib) candlelight march from the Hospital Sisters of the Red Cross until the tip of the monastery, followed by an evening prayer Moon: Rally Danny Chamoun in the yard at 7.30 pm and start from the statue of Ya eight p.m. father.
-- Tuesday, June 24 six p.m. devote the first church in the world in the name of father Yaqub at the top of Mount Cross in Deir Al-Qamar at the hands of the sovereign Bishop Elias Nassar, pastor of the Maronite Sidon.
The following is an overview of the life of Father Mukarram Ya:
"Born on February 1, 1875 in Ghazir Kasrawan district.
Called in a priest on Nov. 1, 1901.
Don St. Francis created the secularists in Lebanon in 1908.
Began construction of the Cross Monastery in 1921.
Built the Church of the Lady Sea Mar Community Don Francis of secular and inaugurated in May 3, 1923.
Saliba lifted on a hill in Deeb in 1923.
Cross met at the monastery the first priest and neglected in Jeddah on October 4, 1926.
Sisters of the Cross Society founded in December 8, 1930 to take care of priests disability, sick and disabled, the wretched and who do not bill for them.
Died smell of holiness in the June 26, 1954.
Hated announced on December 21, 1992.
The utopian in the June 22, 2008 in Lebanon for the first time outside the Vatican. "
About the life of Father Yacoub Alkbouche
Born Mukarram Father Yacoub in the first of February in 1875 in Ghazir. Don entered brothers Asagr Alkpohien in August 25, 1893. A priest named in the first of November 1901.
Spent his life in prayer and preaching impartially and joy, preferring to stay and work with the poor classes as an example, the father of St. Francis Cassese. The two brothers published a guide for Don St. Francis of the secularists in Lebanon. Founded 163 schools to disseminate Christian education. Of the characteristics that God loved the passion for it. I love blossomed and taken either. Critics loved the Holy Spirit him. I love the Eucharist melted. I like crucified love. This body of a grain of the Sisters of the Cross Society founded in 1930 aimed at serving Almtalim and the marginalized. Died on June 26, 1954. Announced by His Holiness Pope John Paul II hated December 21, 1992.
He is a man of the Cross and His Messenger and Habiba. Summed up his life as divine love, the heart of any inflammatory crucified love, affection and the heart of the unfortunate land and care about sinners. Force of the Red powerful because it is the cornerstone of the heart, which found his weapon and pride. Red tender and happiness. For the Red and crucified oriented ostracized from society milestone nuns and employees with them to: bring about crucified Prayers, love and sacrifice, and some rights, the image of God, service, preferring the more disadvantaged and need and also understand very well if any person is poor on this earth to serve you and Agatha . Father Yacoub not sectarian, but was a Christian. Did not make use of its projects and restricted to a range without the other, did not differentiate between element and an element of people, has eroded in view of gender differences and religion at the borders of full human, a view: "fountain of metaphor, it asks the thirsty Tell me before watering from any country You. "
Rjaeh God
Towards the sky in all his father Ya all his efforts and sacrifices. The sky was lifted to the eyes of the faithful and encourage them to profit lives valid and genuine repentance. Long live the virtue of motherhood Please God is not expected reward on Earth because God enough alone: "I am delighted because your names written in heaven," says the Lord for his students. And Bonn Ya encouraged us by saying that the sanction after the pain is great ahead of time in transit: "drink torment point by point, or sanction torrential rain, when the rosary without end ... what planted on the ground have been reaping the eternal.
Dissemination of faith and strengthened
Strengthen faith in the hearts of its citizens was one of the basic ideas in his life. Striving to achieve the aspirations of the resolutely taking him three goals: first, that ridding the faith being threatened, "Lebanon is now cultivated thousands palaces, more beautiful in appearance among the population of either losing their ancestral faith more and more." Secondly, by ridding the family of faith: "We must work to address awareness and education components of the three family: children, mothers and fathers." Third, create a selection of witnesses Angel: "This is the purpose of dissemination and promotion of Monasticism third in Lebanon: the creation of witnesses testifying for the secular faith commitment to living the Gospel."
Rasul and Mariam
Love Abu safer Virgin Mary Love distinctive printing all his life. Worship and Gkramha deep in the small, "the worship of Mary, whatever the sacred is not only Alpappalmedi to Jesus. Mariam is the medium, Jesus is the end. Is the way Mary and Jesus is the country of destination." The best mode to guide Christian is headed to educate women on preferential and the best mode to guide women is to give them the Virgin Mary to be taken out: they Batoul mother. "Means that the best and most successful way to fight rampant innovation in our homeland and among the children ... but the deployment of worship systemic Of the Virgin Mary and be entertained image and the construction of a shrine. And strengthen fraternal and evangelist movements of Mary. "
Marvel awaited 
Marvel occurred with those invited by Mary Qattan Mgdoucheh, disease infected Mtastase maligne lymphoglandulaire de carcinome pidermode diffrenci a malignant type of cancer that doctors entire infected inevitably die within six months.
A request to recover intentionally son of her brother, who lives in Canada am to pray for Father Yacoub, received the continuous rapid healing stunning testimony Group specialists in Lebanon and Italy. Thus it was recognized that the healing of Mary Qattan carries Marvel character, and we pray for the success of the final stage, namely the theological commissions.
Bonn "Ya face of a Lebanese Christian brilliant scientist in the splendor sainthood, the church you will be happy to fly over Lebanon since the massacres by example and patron, and ask that accompanied homeland, which passes Bahrj circumstances, and asked him to the God of peace and tranquillity of salvation and the return of prosperity to its land, and enjoy the Division of faith, love and comfort Mind.
We blessed the Lord all the new utopian "Bonn" Ya, and gave us that are on the wrong service, education and pregnancy Bishara Bible, for the glory of the Lord Jesus Christ.